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Auto Glaze Gardenroute

Auto Glaze Gardenroute


The Ultimate Vehicle Paint Restoration and Protection Service


Auto Glazing

It's the ultimate in vehicle paint protection. Auto Glaze has made it possible for everyone to keep their rides in showroom condition without excessive costs.

Benefits of Auto Glazing

1. Protects against oxidation, fading and chalking to your vehicle's paint-work.
2. Minimizes the effects of industrial fall-out, acid rain, bird markings and ultra violet damage.
3. Keeps your car in showroom condition.

Auto Detailing

Professional car care for discerning individuals in the Gauteng area. Whilst you may set out with every intention of maintaining your car properly, the reality is that your career, family commitments and leisure pursuits may not leave you sufficient time to do so. We can help. We offer a range of professional detailing services designed to meet the needs of discerning individuals throughout the Gauteng area who require assistance with everything from routine cleaning and waxing to full machine polishing and beyond.


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